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Unlimited Loans & Savings
  • Add Loans
  • Add Savings
  • Add Loans & Savings Products
  • Manage Loans & Savings Products
  • Add Collateral
  • Add Charges & penalties
  • Bulk Import Loans & Savings
  • Bulk Deposits
  • Withdrawal Saving Request
  • Bulk Loan Repayments
  • Bulk Deposit & Withdrawals
  • Add Bulk Pay Loans & Savings
  • Files, Collateral & Guarantors
Unlimited Branches, Users & Clients
  • Add & Manage Branches
  • Add & Manages Staffs
  • Add & Manage Clients
  • Manage Clients & User Portals
  • Add & Manage Tellerings
  • Manage Agents & Shares
  • EKYC Process
  • Assign Staff Roles
Unlimited Fix Deposit & Wallets
  • Add Fixed Deposit Accounts
  • Manage Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Manage Charges & Penalties
  • Manage Account Numbers
  • Bulk Deposits
  • Withdrawal Requests
  • Manage Reports
  • Manage Wallets
Admin Management  (HRM, Asserts & Project, Acc.)
  • Full HRM & Payroll Management
  • Full Accounts & Sales Management
  • Full Asset Management
  • Share & Agent Management
  • Full Project Management
  • Manage expenses & Incomes
  • Full Reports & Audit Trails
  • Customization & Full Backup
  • SMS, Email Notification
  • Help Desk Support Ticket

Cloud Microfinance System & Lending Platform

Kupatec OnGoFin Software is a Platform for automating transactions in Microfinance Institutions, SACCOs, Banks, Cooperatives, Credit Unions, Lending Organizations and other MFIs. Fully integrated with Mobile Money and Banks.

Embracing a better tomorrow begins today – OnGoFin’s Advance Loan Management System is designed to get you the results you want and need!

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The Power Kupa Technology OnGoFin in Microfinances Industries

Cloud-Based Smart Advanced Software for Lending & Banking on the Market.

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Retail & Consumer Lending Software

Automate your retail lending process to manage risk and increase efficiency.

Revitalize your retail loan origination process by implementing a flexible and responsive consumer lending application, built on our digital transformation platform. Enable digital experience, automated underwriting, instant decision making, and efficient exception management. Ensure a customer experience-oriented, simplified loan disbursement for all loan types, including credit cards and personal loans for borrowers, without any manual intervention. Leverage digital collaboration for high-touch loans—HELOC, home equity loans, etc.—for a faster turnaround time. Utilize real-time dashboards for tracking processes, pipelines, and productivity workflows.


Commercial Loan Origination Software

Intelligently disburse and manage commercial loans for a seamless customer experience.

Originate, process, disburse, and monitor commercial loans with our commercial loan origination software, built on a unified digital platform. Gain better insights into your high-profile accounts to enhance profitability and underwrite loans competitively. Leverage online, self-service portals for various stakeholders, including borrowers, brokers, appraisers, and more, to ensure seamless communication and request fulfillment. Achieve a faster go-to-market and stay on top of regulatory requirements, all while empowering your relationship managers with the tools to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.


Small Business Lending

Deploy small business lending automation software within weeks and improve profitability and scalability.

Streamline small business lending processes and reduce turnaround time by rapidly deploying purpose-built lending automation software. Enable unified processing by integrating the software with your existing loan origination system (LOS) or Newgen’s LOS. Furthermore, allow multi-channel document submission, customer verification, smarter decision-making, seamless loan booking, increased productivity of lenders, and enhanced customer experience. Deploy the software in phases, per your bank’s needs – online, back office, or full-fledged loan origination software.


Small Business Administration Loans

Help small businesses with a full-proof lending process for speed, efficiency, and compliance.

Automate your small business administration (SBA) lending processes—from submission to qualification, approval, and funding. Operate in a paperless environment and guarantee “first time right” processing to reduce overall expenditures and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Deploy on cloud for scalability, lower infrastructural costs, and a faster ROI.


Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Lending

Empower small and medium enterprises with a streamlined SME lending process, for increased scalability and efficiency.

Leverage a simple, easy-to-use interface to automate your small and medium enterprise (SME) loans lifecycle. Streamline your end-to-end SME onboarding and lending processes in a digital environment. Seamlessly integrate with legacy systems and third-party applications to maximize your existing investments and future-proof your enterprise with agility, scalability, and efficiency.

Consumer/Retail Lending

Ensure scalability to cater to all loan types and future-proof your enterprise.


Digitized Lending Processes

  • Transformed consumer loan origination with end-to-end automation of loan requests, underwriting, loan decisions, closing, and booking processes in a paperless environment
  • A lending platform with straight-through processing for quicker loan approval and disbursements from financial institutions
  • Support for no-touch, low-touch, and high-touch loans processing

Multi-channel Loan Application

  • Omnichannel and multi-device initiation of loan applications
  • Intuitive self-service customer portals and real-time status tracking
  • Auto-underwriting and online approvals/soft-approvals

Risk Management

  • Identity verification/authentication and fraud management through third-party integrations
  • IP-based/device-based filters for application

Audit and Reporting

  • Comprehensive auditing capabilities for increased compliance with dynamic regulatory requirements
  • Real-time reports with process insights for continuous process improvements
  • Drilled-down monitoring of productivity, pipeline, and service levels

Integration with Third-party Systems

  • Real-time integration with core banking and online banking for a seamless digital lending experience
  • Third-party integration with rating applications, credit bureau systems, and more integrations
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End-to-End Software

Systems and processes must be able to accommodate increases when loan growth is a top objective. Utilizing the Abrigo consumer lending software, banks and credit unions will be able to leverage a cloud-based platform and specific templates, ensuring a consistent loan policy as the volume and footprint expand.
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Multiple Loan Types on One System

Many financial institutions use several siloed, one-off systems to support various loan products. Institutions can evaluate business and personal loans on the same system with Abrigo, leading to more consistency and insights across the portfolio.
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Build Revenue and Relationships 

With the increased loan volume and quick decisioning capabilities automation provides, financial institutions will have more time to focus on building relationships and generating more revenue through other activities.
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Unlimited Loans

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Unlimited Savings

Unlimited Deposits

Full HRM & Payroll

Full Assert Management

Full Project Management

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Advanced Loan Management System

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